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New way to build forms and collect feedback

We've just made it so much easier to work with the data visitors post to the forms on your website.
Whenever a visitor posts you something from a form on your website, it's sent both to your email and listed in Edicy. No news here. But the listing view itself is completely redesigned. It's all about speed — individual posts now open inside the list, by default all posts from all forms are shown and you can navigate with Gmail-like keyboard shortcuts (j, k, space).
In addition, the form builder itself is redesigned too. It is now simpler and more consistent with all the other tools in Edicy.

Back in 2009 we released the first version of our form builder. Since then, Edicy user interface has gone through a complete overhaul. Till now we didn't change the form builder tho.

How to add forms to your site?

Form area can be added beside or instead of any content area on your site. Along with text and gallery it's the third content area type. From there on, it's self explaining. You can add rows after rows of different form fields and customize the details by just clicking on each row. If you need, you can also add text blocks in between the fields. Global form settings can be found on the last row with submit button.

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